Dealing with the unprecedent times owing to the emergence of COVID-19, we all are made to look at the world differently. Rejecting the highly luxurious lifestyles, the times have forced us to count our blessings and live our lives in minimalist ways. Our non-for-profit organization i.e. VolkerKonvoi has been established with the intention of introducing this element of blessing in the lives of the downtrodden and the underprivileged section of our society. VolkerKonvoi has been founded with the singular aim of improving the lives of the people who are less fortunate and hence are in dire need of assistance from the people who can make a significant and positive change in their lives. Established primarily in Delhi, we are aiming to reach to all the corners of the world with a noble intention of empowering the unprivileged ones by procuring them the basic necessities and services.


Abiding by the current Indian Prime Minister’s conceptualization of “Aatma -Nirbhar Bharat” (i.e. Self-Reliant India), we are working with the objective of empowering the underprivileged by providing them with all the services that can improve the quality of their lives. As we have launched our non for profit organization in the midst of a global pandemic, One of our most immediate concerns presently is to provide the underprivileged ones with the basic precautionary kit(containing sanitizers, face masks and other essentials) to battle corona so that they can protect themselves from the negative impact of this life threatening virus. Simultaneously, we wish to conduct our constructive on dominant issues like personal hygiene,

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prevention of STDs, women education and employment, environmental hazards and many more. Principally, we want to collectively create an India as our forefathers had once imagined it. On the initial stages, we want to lay particular emphasis on “Swacch Bharat Campaign” and “Beti Bachao ,Beti Padhao Campaign” and we eventually hope to reach out to the remotest parts globally to selflessly cater to their particular needs. We aspire to start with addressing the most dominant concern in Bihar in India as it is one of the worst hit states on all the parameters (such as health and education). We are in the process of locating more areas within India firstly to figure out the ways in which we can help the needy ones. In the final run, we definitely aspire to create a long lasting global impact.


Registered under Section 8 Company (Ministry of Corporate Affairs), VolksKonvoi wants to introduce a ray of hope and some support in the lives of those who are marginalized owing to their miserable economical conditions. Making this planet a safe and happy place for the people who are deprived is our primary driving force and we want other socially oriented minds to join hands with us. Our mission is to eliminate all the problems from the lives of the poor sector of the society and it requires a lot of dedication and consistence. We are diligently working towards building a strong network with like-minded people who are willing to invest their time and efforts for the welfare of the larger community. Spreading happiness in the form of literacy, safety and cleanliness is our goal and we entreat you all to come join hands with us so that we all can together make earth a better place to live in.

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We are very Thankful

You've helped us arise an overwhelming so far!


We are a group of socially enthusiastic old school friends who are presently situated in different parts of the world. During the lockdown, we all got an opportunity to re-connect and we happened to collectively ruminate over how we can together bring out some productive changes in the lives of the people with the resources and services that we can make available for them. We want to achieve some social good to help the people for whom even everyday survival is a struggle. Adopting an entire humanitarian approach, we intend to connect ‘those in need of help’ with ‘those who can help’. We firmly believe that if God has blessed us with his best, it is our moral responsibility to make the less fortunate ones’ lives better.


  • Health ( HEALTH IS WEALTH CAMPAIGN - A free ENT, DENTAL, BLOOD donation & check-up camp, COVID -19.)
  • Education ( Aao padhe (study for underprivileged)
  • Women Sanitation (Mai ek Naari - awareness to decompose period waste & save women from domestic violence)
  • Relief ( SEWA - A relief campaign in Natural Disaster)
  • Environment - Go Green
  • Swachh Bharat Mission - My City My Pride
  • Empowerment ( SHAKTI -Women empowerment)
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The execution of the intention of our organization needs a lot of capital but more than that, we need support and cooperation of people who are willing to invest some of their time and effort to elevate the status of the underprivileged ones. You can contribute either in the domain of education, personal hygiene, health, cleanliness, social awareness and a lot more. There are a lot of ways in which you can lend us your support so that we can move a step closer to our ambition. If you are a health care worker and are willing to invest some of your time and efforts towards making somebody’s life better, you are most welcome to join us. If you are operating in the domain of education and find some time to educate the young inquisitive minds who have passion but no money, we will be grateful to have your support with us. If you wish to volunteer for any of our cleanliness or social awareness project, we invite you wholeheartedly. In howsoever little a proportion, to the best of your capacity, your contribution is heartily solicited. We strongly believe in the saying – “Together We Can, Together We Will”.



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